E-Campus Recruitment

Solver Solutions is one of the leading Software Development Company in India . Over the years, we are developing Customized Software Applications for various kind of business and industries throughout India.

Our Expert team of Software Developers has developed and customized Online Campus Recruitment Software, 'E-Campus Recruitment' which will reduce the stress of Training & Placement Officers (TPO) of Colleges and Training Institutes.

With the help of expert TPO officers, our team of Software Developers, has studied the Traditional method of Campus Recruitment System thoroughly and understand the various difficulties, problems and time consuming factors.

After a proper research of Campus Recruitment System, our team of software developers has developed a customized E-Campus Software Application to eliminate all problems & the time consuming tasks. Our expert team of developers has designed and developed this customized Online Campus Recruitment Software 'E-Campus Recruitment Software Application' to handle all the requirement activities and process, easily and effectively.

The main motto and intention behind developing such Online Campus Recruitment Software (e-campus recruitment application) of Solver Solutions is to initiate change in the existing recruitment system and take it to the next level which is definitely better in its usage and performance.

Following Modules are involved in this Online Campus Recruitment system:
  • TPO Registration
  • Student Registration
  • Student Module (Personal, Academic, Gap, Certification, Experience)
  • TPO Module
  • Company Campus Scheduling Module
  • Students Registration for Company Campus (With special request)
  • Campus round management Module
  • Company Notifications
  • SMS Dashboard Module

Facilities we have provided For TPO :
  • Easy activation and provision of Log-in accounts for all the students under his stream.
  • Criteria-wise student report.
  • Company-wise registered students.
  • Criteria-wise messaging system.
  • SMS gateway.
  • Data exporting facility.

Facies we have provided For Students
  • Manage individual accounts.
  • Create and upload resume
  • Update details semester or exam-wise.
  • Get announcement details from their respective TPOs.
  • Placement details.
  • SMS facilities.
  • Mailing facility.
  • Record storage.