Co-Operative Society Software

A perfect Software Solution for a Credit Society, A error free transactional & Commision management software.Our society software is built with all features required to run a society also can be customize as per your requirement.Integrated with lots of features like POS collection machine,SMS sending & mobile app.We give 24X7 best support for your society software need.

Branch Management

  • Create multiple branches
  • Create staff for branches
  • Branch wise detail Reports
  • Branchwise collection & expence

Scheme Management

  • Create Scemes - RD , FD etc
  • Create Multiple Scheme
  • Create loans – Vehicle , housing etc
  • Set Rank wise commisions for schemes

Membership Management

  • Create Members
  • Shares to members
  • Assign Scheme to members
  • Member Account Reports

Agent Managements

  • Create Agent
  • Create Ranks to agent
  • Manage team of Agents
  • All Reports of Agents

Account Management

  • Branch Accounts
  • Employee Accounts
  • Agent Accounts
  • Expence Accounts


  • Declare Dividend to members
  • Transfer share to branch
  • Allocate share to member
  • All type share Reports

Reports and Printings

  • Reports in PDF , Word ,Excel format
  • Commision Reports
  • Branch , Agent , Members Report
  • Collection & Expence Report (filtered)


  • Branchwise login
  • Branchwise User login
  • Admin Login , Agent Login
  • IP Adress Track login
  • Time Lock login Facility